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World India Manipur Imphal Moirang
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India Manipur Moirang


Situated 45 km away from state capital Imphal, Moirang is a small place in the Bishupur district of Manipur. Historically this place is known for its - Ancient temple of Lord Thangjing , love story of ‘Kamba Thoibi’ and as it was the first place were our Indian tricolor flag was hoisted by colonel Shaukat Malik on 14th April 1944. The other attractions of this place include –Loktak lake (biggest lake in the north east) ,Keibul  Lamjao National Park (the only home to dancing deers/sangai in the world ) ,‘Lai Haraoba’ which is a month long festival held between mid may to mid june  , Phubala which caters to the interests of people who love water sports and the Sendra island which is a hill top covered by water on all sides , it has a tourist lodge well equipped with all modern amenities .The best time to visit this place is during May to September . Be here with you family and friends to explore in and out of Moirang it will surely be an experience that would stay in you. Enjoy and have lots of fun.

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