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World India Karnataka Hosur Muthyalamaduvu (Pearl Valley)
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India Karnataka Muthyalamaduvu (Pearl Valley)


Muthyalamaduvu, also known as The Pearl Valley, is a popular picnic spot, located at a distance of 40 km from Bangalore city.Pearl valley is located nearby Anekal. Wrapped up by fascinating mountain range, Muthyalamaduvu’s main attraction is the waterfall. The water from the falls slides down the flora of the place creating an illusion of a string of pearls, hence the name Pearl Valley. The source of this water is the Onakanahalli Tank located nearby. This waterfall which rushes through floral of the valley glistens like a string of pearl and thus called as “Pearl valley”. There is a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva in the vicinity of the waterfall. Considerable amount of birds can also be seen here. Trekkers can have enthralling time trekking in the hillock areas.

The place has a rich concentration of birds. The mountain ranges nearby provide perfect trekking possibilities as well. All in all, it is a quiet picnic spot away from the blares of the city.

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