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World India Uttar Pradesh Meerut Mud Fort Kuchesar
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India Uttar Pradesh Mud Fort Kuchesar


Situated 80 kilometers away from Delhi and very near to Hapur, Rao Raj Vilas, also known as The Kuchesar Fort, is an 18th-century fort, originally constructed  as a defense against British cannon attack, is presently a heritage resort formed by restoring a section of Ajit Singh's family's ancestral property.  The family currently resides in a part that houses the erstwhile reception and dining halls built in the colonial style. The Mud

Fort of Kuchesar speaks tales of the chequered history of the Jats who contested with the Marathas, Sikhs and Rajputs as well as East India Company, to take place of the weakening Mughal sultanate.  Its main palace sits atop a large bastion overlooking gardens on three sides and the ruins of a replica of Robert Clive's Calcutta house to its west.   Being located amidst the picturesque surrounding and having the holy river of Ganges just 24 Kms away from Mud Fort Kuchesar , this place gives you a glimpse colorful India.  The Banks of Brijghat, are a good place for picnics, and good time among sugarcane fields and Mango orchids.

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