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World India Gujarat Bhavnagar Mahuva
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India Gujarat Mahuva


Mahuva, situated in the city of Bhavnagar this small  town attracts numerous visitors round the year, showcasing its lush green vegetation, natural beauty, scenic charm, wonderful climate, calmness  and all of its goodness to all those to choose to come here. The stunning Mahuva beach located very close to the town makes the visit to this place all the more exciting. For all those who enjoy nature at its best by clicking photos, playing with the golden sand, having fun in the beach and spending some peaceful time away from the hectic city life. When one is here at Mahuva do not forget to taste their very famous jamadar mangoes and buy some packets of groundnuts from their plantation. Spending a few hours in this beautiful land would surely be a great option enjoy being here with your loved ones

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