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World India Telangana Secunderabad Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary
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India Telangana Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary


There are some places around us which seem like god has designed especially for tourism. Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary is one such place. The Telangana state, being so rich in flora and fauna, has many reserves and sanctuaries and Pocharam is one of them. It is very convenient to reach and stay here as this sanctuary is located only 15 Km from Medak and 115 Km from state capital Hyderabad. Also, accommodation can be easily afforded by the tourists as the place is very near Hyderabad and the tourists can stay at hotels or lodges in Sangareddy or Sadashivpet.

Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary is named after the Pocharam Lake which spreads over 9.12 Sq Km. Having a significantly large water body in a sanctuary ensures one thing- it attracts a lot of migrating birds. At Pocharam, you can spot birds like Bar-Headed Goose, Brahminy Bucks and Open Billed Stork among others. Along with many other exotic birds, this sanctuary is also home to animals like Leopard, Hyena , Jackal, Wolf and antelopes like Sambar deer, Chinkara, Chital and Chowsingha.

This wild is worth experiencing at least once if you have the resources and time. But when you do visit, keep in mind that the preferred months to visit here or for that matter any wildlife reserve/sanctuary in India are between October and May- or risk being flooded out during the monsoons.

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