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World India Telangana Hyderabad Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary
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India Telangana Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary


The Telangana state has a number of wildlife sanctuaries but Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary is quite different from the rest. Located in Medak district of Telangana State, the unique quality about this place is that in the wildlife sanctuary, there is also a reservoir. This reservoir is the reason every wildlife lover should visit Manjira.

What makes this place special is that it is a crocodile sanctuary and is home to the vulnerable species- mugger crocodile. Also, today more than 70 species of birds are spotted here. You might also find fresh water turtles in this man-made reservoir. Manjira was turned into a crocodile sanctuary in 1974, when the mugger crocodile had reached the threshold of extinction in Telangana. Not quite far back only four pairs of mugger crocodile were left in Manjira before the conservation began but today there are about 300 crocodiles in the sanctuary.

It is a must-visit for people who are into bird watching and anyone who is fascinated by crocodiles. The reservoir is a beautiful place to spend a day at and can be easily reached. It is located 50 km northwest of Hyderabad. Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary also has an Environmental Education Centre which comprises of a library, a museum and an auditorium.

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