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World Sri Lanka Eastern Province Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka
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Eastern Province Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

About Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

A surfer’s kingdom and a foodie’s dream, Arugam Bay is a crescent shaped region that is internationally recognized. Thousands of tourists visit the place due to its world famous surf breaks, fancy beach resorts and beautiful green landscapes. Even though it is a tiny place, the atmosphere is perpetually exciting, with various activities conducted all around the year. Ocean-side restaurants and delicious continental food appeal to everyone’s tastes.

Cabanas and hammocks scattered all over the place let off major ‘beachy’ vibes, and provide tempting opportunities to just lay around and let time fly. Apart from the nautical experience, the historic temples and national parks situated around the area present plenty of adventurous options for tourists. The nightlife at the Bay is lively, with various barbeque parties and fun events, loaded with food, music and alcohol. However, due its popularity, the prices for food and accommodation are slightly steep, and the area does tend to get overcrowded during the peak months i.e. April to September. Arugam is the best place to go have fun, let loose and be crazy!

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