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World Sri Lanka Central Province Kandy, Sri Lanka
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Central Province Kandy, Sri Lanka

About Kandy, Sri Lanka

Famous as the hill capital of Sri Lanka, the salubrious climes of Kandy are located in the Central Province of the Country. Surrounded by lush green valley mountains, the panorama of Kandy is truly picturesque. From the tranquil Temple of Tooth till the misty Kandy Lake, the city is the foremost pivot of cultural activity in the country and a hub of constant bustling tourists almost all year round. The weather is agreeable on most days, providing a cool relief from the hot lowlands. The official spoken language is Sinhalese and Tamil but English is also recognized.

Exuding rich tradition and heritage, it is the last historical city in the country where the 2500 year Kandiyan rule ended after the British rule started. The Kandy Lake, is the main attraction of the city, accounts for a lovely evening stroll. Within walking distance are also The Royal Botanical Gardens, with its numerous tropical foliage, offering a delight to the senses. While it is home to several temples, the most eminent would undoubtedly be the Temple of Tooth, which was declared as a heritage site by the UNESCO in 1988. Housing the tooth of Lord Buddha, it is the religious focal point of thousands who come to honour the sacred relic. The city is known for its unique Kandy Esala Perahera festival, a grandeur procession held annually in the months of July and August, where homage is paid to the revered Tooth. A product of the bygone days of elite patronage, Kandy also boasts handicrafts of the finest variety, including wood carving, pottery, metalwork and many more. They are easily available at various marketplaces, street stalls and government run stores. Many of these are showcased at the Kandyan Art Association as well.

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