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World Sri Lanka Western Province Negombo
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Western Province Negombo

About Negombo

Negombo is a calm town in the western coastal region of Sri Lanka. Negombo’s beach is very extensive in places, but quite shabby compared to the more immaculate resorts further south, even though the neighboring resort area is often one of the liveliest spaces around the shore, if you’re in hunt of economical beer and late nights. A couple of miles south of the beach, Negombo Town proffers an appealing opening to coastal Sri Lankan life, with a vivacious fish market, a dash of olde-worlde royally attraction and hundreds of vivid wooden boats. Negombo is also residence to the country's second-largest fish market, the "Lellama", at the north end of the town's water. Remnants of colonization contain the Dutch fort constructed in 1672, as well as centuries-old Portuguese and Dutch homes, Administrative structures, Churches and the ceiling frescoes of St. Mary's cathedral church.

Negombo was previously a main producer of cinnamon. While the business has moved on, you can still come across local cinnamon and vanilla for trade at roadside shops. Negombo is the center of Sri-Lanka's Catholic society, and you can expect to witness many shrines throughout the visit. The eventful center of Negombo town lies to the west of the bus and train stations. The majority of places to stay, however, line the central road that heads north from the town centre, running nearly parallel to the beach.

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