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Ratnapura , Sabaragamuwa Province

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Sabaragamuwa Province Ratnapura

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Rightly called the City of Gems, Ratnapura gives tourists a taste of the gems and precious stones industry in Sri Lanka. The major attractions are the gem factories, mines and the Gemmological Museum, which give interesting information on how gems are excavated and sorted, along with understanding how the various types of stones are distinguished. Apart from its reputation in gem production, Ratnapura is also known for the Adam’s Peak, a world famous mountain considered sacred by many religions.

Trekking opportunities are vast, and places like the Sinharaja Rain Forest and Uda Walawe National Park are easily accessible. These places provide exciting natural and wildlife trails where one can spot exotic butterflies, reptiles and amphibians. Bathing and splashing around in one of the many beautiful waterfalls around the city can call for enjoyable times. The view includes breath-taking landscapes and induces the thrill of being outdoors, a feeling that can never be acquired within city limits. Vast fields of tea and rubber surround the city, filling the air with a tantalizing scent. Rantnapura is an apt place to go for those who want to relax and just be lazy, while occasionally getting out to roam about.

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