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World Sri Lanka Southern Province Bentota
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Southern Province Bentota

About Bentota

Bentota is a nirvana for beach lovers. Golden sand, gleaming water and colossal palm trees paint the backdrop of this coastal town. Though big-package hotels dominate the area, one can enjoy the experience of living with locals in various guesthouses by the beach. An extremely fascinating activity to do is visit the Sea Turtles Protection Association, where one can learn about and play with baby turtles and even gets a chance to release them into the sea! The Lunuganga, an architectural beauty, is a great place to spend time among the lavish gardens and edifices. For those who love the feel of being outdoors, many organizations offer water sports and boating options. Bentota is an ultimate family vacation destination, with a blend of relaxing and exhilarating activities for both, children and adults. While sandcastles are being built and sunscreen is smothered on, the beach vibes surround everyone, ensuring that they have complete fun-in-the-sun.

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