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World Sri Lanka Southern Province Galle Hikkaduwa
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Southern Province Hikkaduwa


Be it a morning jog, afternoon nap or nighttime partying, Hikkaduwa is an all-round beach where can indulge in almost any sort of activities. The beach is long, decorated with towering palm trees, clear blue water and considerably clean sand. A number of resorts, cheap motels and nightclubs line the coast, hampering the cleanliness of the beach, but yet providing dozens of amenities. One can join surf lessons through one of the many well established surfing companies, or rent snorkeling gear and wade through the coral reefs.

The Hikkaduwa beach is famed for the visiting sea turtles, who crawl around the shore and interact with the tourists; the turtles can be fed, touched and observed. Even though the beach may be crowded at times, it is nevertheless a wonderful place to relax and chill. Visitors can spend days at the beach, eating from local stalls, taking surf lessons, playing in the sand or waves and making the most of the perky nightlife. Plenty of bars and pubs offer alcohol and latest music till late hours, keeping the parties lively throughout the night. Hence, Hikkaduwa beach is an ideal beach for all kinds of tourists, and will ensure that everyone leaves the place smiling and sun-kissed.

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