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Located on the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka in the bay of Galle, the Galle Fort has been declared as the World Heritage Site. Built by the Portuguese in 1588 and fortified by the Dutch in mid-1600’s, this fort is the symbol of the amalgamation of European architecture and the South Asian traditions.

This fort has achieved the title of the best preserved sea-fort in South Asia. If you take a walk inside the fort, you will realise that the fort still oozes the old world charm. The magnificence of the old building is still intact in its ramparts and the stone walls. The streets around the fort are lined with Dutch colonial villas and the absence of vehicular traffic is a welcome site. The original entrance to the fort still bears the carved symbol of the Dutch East Indies Company.

The fort stands majestically against an ultramarine sea and serves as an incomparable showpiece Galle. The royal glory of this place is long gone but it still mesmerises the visitors with it’s old-worldly, mellow charm. The fort is surrounded by museum, jewellery shops, cafes emerging from colonial columns, and antique shops displaying the colonial era’s curiosities.

The Galle Fort is the cultural symbol of the southern coast of the island and is a must visit place for everyone!

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