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Rumassala Mountain , Galle

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The beautiful and historical Rumassala Mountain is also called the “Mythical Mountain of Sri Lanka”. Staying true to its acronym, this place has green forested hills, a rocky headland touched by the waves of the Indian Ocean and a panoramic view of the surrounding areas.

Earlier known as Buona Vista, this place has been related to many legends. It featured in the Ramayana as the home of Sita. It has been known that Hanuman was sent to fetch a medicinal herb for a soldier and since he could not find the plant he carried the entire mountains on which it grew. It is believed he dropped a chunk of these mountains in Unawatuna which formed the present day mountain.

Located close to the main harbour, this area serves as a major archaeological site. The reef found here supports the traditional fishermen. The forests and the oceans around the Rumassala are rich in biodiversity. The forest is home to many rare and endemic species of plants, animals and birds. Purple faced leaf monkeys and white bellied sea eagles can be easily spotted here. The entire area including the reef and the forest are now protected as a sanctuary.

Take the time to visit this place. The panoramic view of the forests, hills, oceans and the reefs are worth all the effort!

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