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Located about 5kms east of Galle, the Unawatuna Beach is the most popular beach for independent travellers and is the perfect place to spend a few days in tranquility. This beach was named the world’s best beach by The Discovery Channel in 2004. This may not hold so true today but it is still undoubtedly the best beach in Sri Lanka.

The Unawatuna Beach provides the best combination of golden sand, a bay that offers country’s best swimming, the famed beauty of its sunsets and the perfect laid back atmosphere. The beach lined with turquoise waters provided the perfect conditions for surfing and swimming.

Unawatuna Beach serves as the perfect escape from the Galle Fort which is located very close-by. It offers a cheap and cheerful sandy place to spend your holidays sunbathing. The ever growing hordes of visitors has somewhat disturbed its former sleepy charm, but the place is still worthy of a visit. This place has varied activities including surfing, diving, yoga and surprisingly some cookery classes!

Visit this beach if you don’t mind the hustle bustle of the crowd and is looking for a place to relax!

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