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World Sri Lanka Southern Province Weligama
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Southern Province Weligama

About Weligama

With a shimmering sea, sandy beaches, boutique hotels, and heritage walks, the coastal town of Weligama is a popular tourist destination. One can experience the culture of this little fishing village and interact with the locals while strolling around or visit the beaches to witness the fascinating methods of fishing used by the fishermen.

A plethora of sea activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and paddle-boarding give tourists an amazing chance to explore the marine life of the ocean. Surfing classes, whale and dolphin spotting, renting cycles and water sports are exciting ways to spend time at this dreamy town. Apart from the ever-beautiful sea, various historic sites and lace-making cottages highlight the indigenous significance of the place. Large resorts and five star hotels offer international standard services, giving visitors an opportunity to bask in the sun, receive a fancy spa treatment or just enjoy the recreation facilities. Weligama is the perfect place to sit back, dip one’s toes in the clear, blue water and get a beautiful sun tan. 

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