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World Sri Lanka Southern Province Weligama Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Art Museum
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Southern Province Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Art Museum


A museum created for the greatest Sri Lankan writer of all time! As the name suggests this museum depicts Sri Lanka’s cultural traditions. The house in which Martin Wickramasinghe was born inspired the Martin Wickramasinghe to establish this museum which is surrounded by a restored ecosystem, abundant in bird and plant life. This house and its surroundings bring to life the parts of Koggala vividly described in Wickramasinghe’s writings.

The museum has many things depicting the tools, traditions and cultures of different areas of Sri Lanka and is an insight into the folk life of the yesteryears. This museum was a dream of the author who wanted to capture the technological and cultural artefacts of his childhood. It is maintained by his children and the Wickramasinghe trust has maintained this museum to depict the culture of Sri Lanka and remind the people of their roots.

The museum has a rare collection of artifact, ranging from Buddhist artifacts to those which portray the development of rural technology, various artifacts from folk dances and religious ceremonies. These exhibits are well displayed with description in English. The place also contains chariots, carts, elephant carriages, etc. which were used in earlier times.

The Folk museum is the perfect place to understand Marting Wichramasinghe better and what the place and the local people meant to him. This place will make you understand how it contributed to set ablaze the creative thinking of the author.

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