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World Sri Lanka Western Province Moratuwa
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Western Province Moratuwa

About Moratuwa

Moratuwa, a large suburb situated just outside Colombo, is surrounded on three sides by a river, lake and the Indian Ocean. These waterbodies, especially the Bolgoda Lake provide excellent opportunities to witness stunning sunsets, engage in river safaris and tours. Moratuwa is situated on the south-west shore of Sri Lanka near Dehiwala Mount Laviana. It is sited on the Galle-Colombo highway. The city is enclosed by water on three sides. The city was named after Muru Atuwa, meaning Sentry Turret in Sinhalese. The natives of this place feel proud that Veera Puran Appu who mounted against the British was born in this place.

Many hotels are present by the lake, offering water sports, boat rentals and floating restaurants. Many tourists flock to Moratuwa for fresh water fishing and angling.  Various local sites like old churches and timber factories are interesting sight-seeing spots to learn a little more about the culture of the area. 

Moratuwa is wealthy in cultural tradition that can be reflected from the variety of cultural centers present in the city. Also there are numerous historical places that are there in this city. Travelers arrive here across the globe to spend a leisure escape in this lush greenery region. Also one can discover local cuisines in this place that is quite splendid. The climate of this place is quite contented and can be visited at any time of the year. It is a great place to relax, enjoy the sunrises and sunsets and occasionally move around for short, fun activities. 


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