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Mount Lavinia Beach , Moratuwa

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So close to a metropolis, but yet so far. One would never realize that this buzzing Mount Lavinia Beach is merely 8 kilometers away from the major city. Be it partying or just relaxing, the beach is an ideal place to go for a quick getaway from the quick paced life of Colombo. One can sip on coconut water, or relish a juicy pineapple while enjoying the sunrays and lying under one of the many cabanas or shacks scattered all over the beach.

To cool off, the clean water and gentle waves are perfect ways to splash around and have some fun!  Plenty of cheap hotels are available where one can stay and enjoy their favorite foreign or local dishes. The nightlife is another attractive feature of this beach as lively beach parties, hosted throughout the weekends, include latest music and delicious seafood. Many pubs and clubs also play trendy music and offer great services! In the evenings, one can relax in the beach-front cafes or bars to witness the stunning sunset stretched across the sky, not realizing the time fly by. 

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