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World Sri Lanka Western Province Colombo Gangaramaya Temple
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Western Province Gangaramaya Temple


With a mix of cultural heritage and unique architecture, this temple is of prime importance to Buddhism. Situated just by the Beira Lake, the Gangaramaya Temple is one of the most popular tourist spots in Colombo, due to its exceptional structure, and ancient artifacts. One can feel blessed by just being present on the temple grounds, and witnessing the monks conducting various fascinating ceremonies. In the evenings when the monks pray and chant in chorus, a sense of peace and tranquility fills the air.

The entire temple is lined with valuable artifices, including gemstones, elephant’s skin and Buddha’s hair. For the children, there is plenty of open space to run around, or even play with and feed the temple elephant. The endless rows of Buddha statues and the miniature stupas are a sight to observe!  For a little more information on the vast history of the temple and its artifacts, there is a library, as well as an education center. Hence, this temple is a site one must visit, especially to absorb the multifaceted culture of the Buddhist influence in Sri Lanka! 

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