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World Sri Lanka Southern Province Weligama Mirissa Beach
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Southern Province Mirissa Beach


A strikingly remarkable point about Mirissa Beach is that it is quite a tranquil place. Unlike the other beaches of the country, or unlike Unawatuna beach, it is not much of a crowd-puller and people who like to unwind themselves at a beach prefer Mirissa beach to others. As it is not crowded, the beach is very clean. The beach has a Lilliputian island, called Rock island, which stands tall bracing the heavy thuds of the waves. A climb up to the rock gives you panoramic view of the sea and the sky. There are ‘rock pools' also which are actually small pools formed by the rocks of the sea. To the left of it is the surfing point. There is also a temple called

The nights at the beach are the most happening times when the restaurants that are lined along the beach stretch lighten up and put out the tables on the beach. Dining in the dim lights of the lanterns and the sounds of waves liven up the atmosphere.

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