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World Sri Lanka Southern Province Tangalle Dickwella Beach
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Southern Province Dickwella Beach


Along the southern coast of Sri Lanka, beside the tiny buzzing market town of Dickwella, a long stretch of golden sand and blue water beautifies the coastal landscape. The Dickwella beach is lined with headlands and reefs, making if a safe spot for swimming in the ocean and having a fun splash! Stunning reefs are found along the rocks by the beach, providing an unforgettable opportunity to snorkel and observe a variety of reef fish.

For the lazy ones, Dickwella is a perfect place to just lie back, and drink in the sight of the clear teal water lapping against the shore. Though the public beach has no shacks and eateries, there are plenty of beach resorts along the shore, that offer sun bathing chairs and hammocks shaded by palm trees. One must definitely watch the local fishermen getting to work in the ocean on their colorful canoes, rowing through the challenging sand bars.

Overall, the beach is a calm and quiet place to have a swim and build majestic sandcastles!

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