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World Sri Lanka Central Province Dambulla, Sri Lanka
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Central Province Dambulla, Sri Lanka

About Dambulla, Sri Lanka

Dambulla, despite being a highly commercialized town, is largely known for its largest complex of well-maintained cave temples and an international cricket stadium. The Buddhist temples date back to historic times and are highly significant for the town’s tourism, but are average sight-seeing spots.

The Golden Temple and Golden Cave Temple are among the most famous ones, though they include tedious walks and flights of stairs. For those who show interest in history, visiting these places can be interesting. Since the town is a major vegetable distribution center of the country, a visit to some of the buzzing produce markets is a must. The surrounding ironwood forests are homes to Buddhist monasteries, where one can relax in serenity and peace. More enjoyable activities include sun-rise ballooning and nature walks, which can all be covered within a day. Dambulla is, therefore, an ideal place to go for a one-day visit. 

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