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World Sri Lanka Eastern Province Trincomalee
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Eastern Province Trincomalee

About Trincomalee

Trincomalee, frequently just called Trinco, is a metropolis in North Eastern Sri Lanka. Meeting on one the world’s premium natural harbours, Trincomalee is elderly almost beyond calculation; it’s perhaps the place of significant Gokana in the Mahavamsa (Great Chronicle), and its Shiva temple the place of Trikuta Hill in the Hindu text Vayu Purana. The majority people just pass during the city on their way to the close by beaches of Uppuveli and Nilaveli, but the town has several charisma, lots of history and a fascinating mélange of people. A day in Trincomalee presents an appealing change of landscape.

Trincomalee town itself owns an unfussy but diversifying attraction all of its own, with an exciting older fort and sleepy backstreets creased with beautiful colonial villas speckled with mosques, churches and number of colourful small Hindu temples. Trinco is well-known for its nice beaches in the nearby Uppuveli (6km) and Nilaveli (12km) north of the city. The scenery of Trincomalee is stunning, spanning a narrow peninsula amid the Indian Ocean and the Inner Harbour, growing up to the impressive Swami Rock, which has been acknowledged as the world's greatest vantage summit for blue whale spotting by oceanographers. So while you're traveling around the Kandasamy Kovil temple, spare some time to look at the big blue offshore for spew out cetaceans. And carry binoculars if you be able to.

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