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World Sri Lanka Eastern Province Batticaloa
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Eastern Province Batticaloa

About Batticaloa

Surrounded by teal lagoons and sun-kissed palm trees, the commercialized city of Batticaloa is an ideal place to walk around, and explore the Sri Lankan culture. With no major tourist spots, the city provides small, fun activities to do throughout the day. Tourists can stroll around the city, or rent cycles, and even join a guided cycle tour to visit the famous spots. From fishing lessons, to a walk on the beach, or visiting handicraft markets and religious places, Batticaloa offers it all. Lazy tourists can grab the opportunity to just lie around and bask in the sun, while enjoying the wonderful services of the many sophisticated hotels.

The Batticaloa Lighthouse, a popular landmark in the city, has an observatory through which scenic views of the lagoons can be appreciated, while the eminent Dutch fortress doesn’t fail to please the history lovers. For those who want adventure, a vast number of water sports are available, and for those who want peace, they can visit the natural woodlands outside the city, which are a home to many animals and birds. As an all-round city, Batticaloa can delight all types of tourists!

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