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As the rising sun lights up the eastern sky, and the ocean breeze brings with a salty feel, Kallady Beach is the only place to be. Famed for its picturesque scenery, the beach is a nice place to spend an enjoyable day. One must definitely watch the stunning sun rise over the horizon at the break of dawn, while strolling through the cool sandy beach. Following which, interacting with local fishermen at the boast landing is a must. One can assist fishermen in pulling the fishing nets out of the sea, and understand a little more about their lifestyles. Visitors often complain of the beach being poorly maintained and dirty, however, a wooden walkway along and beside the beach is a pleasant place to saunter.

Just by the beach is a shady stretch of casuarina trees, where one can hide away from the afternoon sun and cool down. On the beach lies the Thiruchentoor Hindu temple, which was earlier destroyed by the tsunami, but now restored. Kallady beach is not ideally a swimming destination due to the roughness of sea waves, however, for the experienced swimmers, it is definitely an option.  Hence, this beach is suitable for those who prefer to relax and enjoy the view, rather than those who prefer adventure activities or water sports.

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