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World Sri Lanka Eastern Province Kalmunai
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Eastern Province Kalmunai

About Kalmunai

Kalmunai is a city in the Ampara District of Eastern Province, Sri Lanka. It is the one and only Muslim-majority municipality in the country. When Muslims in Colombo were excluded by Portuguese in 17th century, they escaped to Kandy and sought shelter with the king in Kandy. Then the king relocated these Muslim refugees in Kalmunai and Kattankudy.

Kalmunai was the regal ranch of the king and as of this settlement; it became a Muslim-majority destination. This place is surrounded on the east by the Indian Ocean on the north by the Periyaneelavanai village and on the south by Karaitivu village which is believed to be a hamlet of the city Kalmunai is well linked to rest of the country by the very recurrent Intercity Bus although these are not appropriate for long distance travel.

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