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World Sri Lanka Central Province Kandy, Sri Lanka Gadaladeniya Temple, Kandy
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Kandy, Sri Lanka
Central Province Gadaladeniya Temple, Kandy


The Gadaladenia Temple, located Pilimathalawa town in Kandy is the fines example of Buddhist temple architecture. It is a very well-known tourist destination which is visited by devotees, pilgrims, history lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. The temple is also known by some as “Dharma Kirthi Viharaya.”

This temple is inspired from the South Indian architectural style, which was built during the reign of Gampola King Wicramabahu. A temple as old as this one hardly manages to retain its original charm, but the Gadaladenia temple is one of the few who has managed the almost impossible. The entrance doors to this temple are carved from wood that still includes a few remnants of the paintings forming an integral part of temple architecture.

A very important feature of any Buddhist temple architecture can be well seen here, which is being cut out of stone. This can be easily seen from its remains. The frescoes and the images found inside the temple hold the true character of this brilliant place. The temple includes, among other things, a main shrine with the seat of the Buddha.

What sets this temple apart is its perfect location on top of the hill which provides a panoramic out view of the entire site. This place has always managed to be on the list of

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