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World Sri Lanka Central Province Kandy, Sri Lanka Lankatilaka Temple
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Kandy, Sri Lanka
Central Province Lankatilaka Temple


The famous Lankatilaka Vihara or Lankatilaka Temple is located at Udunuwara Hiyarapitiya village of Kandy. This temple is built on a huge rock which is called as Panhangala Rock. It is an ancient Buddhist temple and is considered as the most magnificent architectural wonder built during the Gampola era.

The historians believe that the temple was built during the reign of King Bhuvanekabahu, during the 14th century. This temple is designed using the Sinhalese architectural style along with Dravidian and Indo-Chinese architecture patterns.

The temple can be approached from two sides and includes the flight of steps to climb to the temple. There are two flights of stairs one of which dates back to the Gampola Kingdom of the 14th century and the other was constructed around 1913 AD. This stone stairway provides a striking view of the beautiful surroundings

This temple has separate dedicated sections for different Gods including Vishnu, Saman, Vibhishana, Ganapathi and Kumara Bandara. The Kumar Bandara is considered to be the God to whom them temple was entrusted. During the Kandyan kingdom there was great influence of God worship along with the Buddha which is prevalent from this temple.

A unique thing about this temple is rock inscription found which is cut into solid rock. This inscription describes the facilities provided to the temple and land gifted by the Kings. The outer walls of the temple are designed with arches and sculptures which makes it a beautiful architectural piece.

The Lankatilaka Temple is a wonderful place to understand the brilliance of Sinhalese architecture.

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