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World India Karnataka Udupi Malpe Beach
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India Karnataka Malpe Beach


Malpe is a tiny suburb on the outskirts of Udupi city. It is one of the natural harbors. It is serves as a fishing harbor too. This place is located on the mouth of river Udyavara. The beach in Malpe is picturesque in nature where tourists can relax for a while. Tourists can also visit the Balrama Temple in Malpe. Sri Madhwacharya built this temple and installed the idol Of Lord Balram which was gifted to him. One can have a leisure walk on the sandy beach. Lay down on the shades of Palm trees which line up the coast of Malpe Beach relax your body and mind from stress. The serenity and the fresh sea breeze make the trip to Malpe beach unforgettable. Also there are many tiny islands around Malpe which can be glimpsed from the shore. One can even hire boats to access these islands. Also don’t forget to taste some seafood in Malpe.

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