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World India Karnataka Udupi Kundapura
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India Karnataka Kundapura


On the scenic Konkan coast surrounded on three sides by river is the perfect getaway town of Kundapura. It is a town of temples and beaches. Kundapur a popular town in the Karnataka’s coastal belt is famous for Sri Kundeshwara temple, Sri Venkataramana temple and Kote Hanumantha temple. Sri Kundeshwara is the temple which is the basis of the name of this place.  Other temples in the surroundings are Sri Siddhi Vinayaka temple, Sri Laxmi Venkatesha temple and Koteshwara Kotilingeshwara temple.

It is a perfect spot to unwind and relax from hectic lifestyle, or for a weekend away from the city. For accommodations on the coast there is a beachside resort which offers cottage style rooms for stay and mouthwatering food made from the fresh catches of the sea. It is an ideal place for people looking for peace and serenity as there are not many tourist attractions around apart from temples. This idyllic coastal town is well connected by road and rail to major cities; it is 35km drive from Udupi, and 100kms away from Mangalore. Walk on the white sands of Kodi beach, Turtle beach as well as Maravanthe beach. This place is for beach lovers.

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