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World India Karnataka Jog Falls Kalyani Chowka
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India Karnataka Kalyani Chowka


Kalyani Chowka more famous for its natural beauty and scenic surroundings has been attracting all travelers to come and unwind. Kalyani Chowka is near bank Linganamakki dam not far from Kodachadri. Kalyani Chowka is not a very well known place so far and is a good place for water sports. There are few resorts in the vicinity or tourists can opt to stay camp in tents during the night. A resort called Nisarga Viharadhama is a good option to stay here.

There are many untouched tourist places around this places such as Ubburu, Heggaru and Nishane Gudda which are scenic and good places to relax. Take a trek and admire the beauty of the Hidlumane falls as well as the serene flow of Sharavati River.

Reaching this spot is not very easy though as there are no sign boards leading to this place. Public transport to reach the place is also not available so private vehicles is the only option. Kalyani Chowka is about 360 KMs from Bangalore. Nearest village is Nittur about 3 KMs away. Its advisable to have a 4WD vehicle on this stretch. 





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