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World India Uttar Pradesh Agra Akbar's Tomb

Akbar's Tomb , Agra

Type of Destination
Languages Spoken
Hindu & English
Open Time
6AM-6PM, Closed on Fridays
Ideal Trip Duration
2-3 Hours
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India Uttar Pradesh Akbar's Tomb

About Akbar's Tomb

During the Mughal rule, the city of Agra had witnessed the transformation in the architecture style of the time, which gave birth to variety of monuments. One such monument is Akbar's Tomb at Sikandra in Agra, where one of the greatest emperors ever seen lies buried.

The site of the tomb which was chosen by Akbar covers about 119 acres of land. The construction of Mausoleum (Tomb) of Akbar or Sikandra was started by Akbar himself. The construction of the tomb continued from the year 1605-1613 and Jahangir, Akbar’s son completed the construction.

The mausoleum has been created by using red sandstone and white marble. It is flanked by elegant minarets and sits in a typical Mughal style garden called the Charbagh. A Charbagh is a garden divided into four parts by water canals. There are four gates in the premises which lead towards the tomb, out of which the southern gate is the largest. Tourists can see both Hindu and Islamic architectural style in this tomb. The Tomb and its Gateway are linked by beautifully laid pathway.

The mausoleum also consists of a domed chamber three stories high. It is adorned by the different names of the Islamic saints. The phrases Allah-o-Akbar and Jalla Jalalahu have also been inscribed in decorative script on the dome. Apart from Akbar’s remains the tomb also houses the remains of his daughters Shakrul Nisha Begum and Aram Bano. Area is also frequented by a variety of animals and birds like monkeys, deer’s, peacocks and few other antelopes.

Although not as famous as Taj Mahal or the Agra Red fort, Akbar’s Tomb is a beautiful structure and nothing less than an architectural marvel and must be on every tourist’s itinerary in Agra.


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