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World India Karnataka Coorg Nisargadhama
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India Karnataka Nisargadhama


Perched amidst of lush bamboo groves and gushing Cauvery River, Nisargadhama Ecological Park should not be missed by nature lovers. This wildlife sanctuary is a highlight for animal and nature lovers in Coorg. Uniquely, the sanctuary is on an island in the Cauvery River. But you won’t need a boat to take you here; a rope bridge has been constructed from the mainland to the sanctuary. Travellers who make the trip may be rewarded by sighting elephants, deer, rabbits or peacocks.

Walking on the hanging bridge, which link up the Nisargadhama Ecological Park is a thrilling experience. Boating on Cauvery River, Elephant ride, taking a stroll in deer park etc. are few activities in which one can indulge. Snack house and a rest house managed by Forest Department are also available for tourists. This park is suitable for all age groups.

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