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World India Rajasthan Udaipur Dungarpur
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India Rajasthan Dungarpur


Dungarpur located in the foothills of Aravalis is famous for the Udai Bilas Palace which is located near to Gaibsagar Lake. Another spectacular structure in Dungarpur is Juna Mahal which is famous for its green and Blue Parwera stones windows and intricate mirror works. Also visit the Rajmata Devendra Kunwar Museum which gives a complete insight into the heritage and culture of Vagad region. To have a vantage view of the whole city visit Fatehgiri which is a hillock with a Hanuman temple and get mesmerized with the beauty around. Also visit the Ek Thambiya Mahal as well as Badal Mahal to enjoy the architectural grandeur of this location.

Another place of importance in the area is Dev Somnath Temple situated 25 KMs from Dungarpur. It is said that the Dev Somnath Temple is built entirely of stone, without using any thing like cement, sand or lime. This one of a kind temple is located besides Som River in the Dev Village.

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