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World India Karnataka Mysore Karanji Lake
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India Karnataka Karanji Lake


Karanji Lake sprawls across 90 acres and is situated at the foot of Chamundi Hills next to Mysuru Zoo. The lake has been recently re-developed and now has a beautiful butterfly park, boating facilities, children's corner for kids to hang out in and a watch tower. The walkthrough birdcage is the India’s Largest among its kind. You walk through the bird enclosure with birds around you.
The lake is quite large and one can go for boating on hired boats and take a leisure walk on the lake’s bund. Life jackets are also available for boating. There are cactus plantations in the lush green garden area as well. The park and lake area is clean and well maintained and worth a visit.

Mornings or evenings would be the best time to go especially in summers. Located on the banks of this lake is a museum, the Regional Museum of Natural History which show-cases the floral, faunal and geological wealth of the South India.

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