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World India Maharashtra Pune Purandar Fort
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India Maharashtra Purandar Fort


The Purandar Fort stands tall and mighty at a height of 1398 meters above sea level. The structure actually stands 700 metres tall from the foothills to the hilltop. It is situated 40 kms southeast of Pune and 10 kms southwest of Saswad. The fort actually is demarcated into the upper or Balekilla and the lower or the Machi. On the upper part of Machi is a long terrace on which stand many monuments, old and new. Towards the end of the terrace lies the fort of Vajragad also known as Rudramal. A winding path leads towards the upper hill at the entrance of   Dilli Darwaza. On the hilltop is the temple of Kedareshwar. 

The fort has witnessed many dynasties since the 13th century. In 1596, the fort was given as jagir to Maloji Bhosale, Shivaji’s grandfather. In 1665, the Mughal forces killed Murar Baji Prabhu, a gallant Maratha commander and captured the fort. At the lower fort stands a statue commemorated in his memory .At present the fort houses an Academy of N.C.C. and witnesses frequent paragliding and trekking activities.  

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