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World Nepal Bagmati Patan Chobhar Caves
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Bagmati Chobhar Caves


Chobhar Caves is for all the adventure lovers who like a little spookiness in their life and want to experience something absolutely amazing. Chobhar caves, located 9kms southwest of Kathmandu, is more than 1250 meters in length which makes it second largest in Nepal itself and third largest in the world.

If you are even a little bit of claustrophobic then these caves are definitely not recommended. The caves are super narrow and really dark. As the caves have over 6-7 entrances it is advised to take a tourist guide with you or else you will be lost in this real life maze forever, as they say.

Cross you heart and follow whatever instructions are being told. Remember to follow them. Exploring these caves needs big commitment. If you are much on the delicate side, it is best suggested that you guard your knees and elbows as you will be covering most of the caves on your four’s.

You might just hear few stories mentioning the “travellers who never returned”, get startled and carry on with this adrenaline rush experience.

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