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The vast Saih al Salam desert has beautifully designed lakes known as Al Qudra Lakes in the heart of it that have arrested the attention of tourists and slowly making its way for limelight. Nearby a lengthy cycling track, a group of lakes have been created artificially to embellish and green the desert, which is now occupied by varieties of birds. Nearly 130 species are estimated to be the residents of these lakes. Some of them include Glossy ibis, Caspian Plover, Sanderling, Ruddy Turnstone, falcons and migratory birds like vultures, Eurasian Wryneck etc.

The place has become a favorite among the locals for picnicking, bird watching and overnight camping as it creates a pleasant atmosphere. There is a bicycle store within a few metres of the lake that rents cycles. The 84 kilometre long track that runs through the desert is boasted go be the largest one in the world. On Fridays, Cycle Safe organises rides for beginners and experts. Overall this place has lot to offer and a whole day can be enjoyably spent in this peaceful and tranquil desert. Note that there are very few restaurants nearby the lakes. The desert is located between 611 highway and Al Ain-Dubai highway and is 12 kilometers from the World Central airport.

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