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World India Kerala Kollam Punalur
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India Kerala Punalur


Punalur is a scenic town located on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu built on the banks of Kallada River. Hence the name Punalur, meaning city of water. Being a picturesque town Punalur not only boasts of breathtaking landscapes of Western Ghats, but also of unique history. The famous Hanging Bridge of Punalur built across the Kallada River during the 19th century by a British national is considered a monument of national importance. It is the only suspension bridge in South India which is still in good shape. It is the only bridge of its kind in India. Other than the suspension bridge, Do take a train ride from Punalur to Kollam which offers a spectacular view of the verdant Western Ghats. This is an important industrial town.

Apart from this monument Punalur is known for its ages old Paper mill industries. Located in the lap of Western Ghats, this place has lot of trekking, and hiking trails to offer to adventure lovers. This town is easily accessible by road and rail from both states of Kerala and TN.

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