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World India Uttar Pradesh Allahabad
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India Uttar Pradesh Allahabad

About Allahabad

At the confluence of three rivers(Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati), Allahabad is known as Prayag or a "place of sacrifice." This name associated with its geographical position seems to have played on its political history. It is the seat of the Indian freedom movement and provided the greatest number of statesmen for the new parliament.

Allahabad is a a city which is rich in culture, dynamics and strength. It is a place where liberal thinking and positive mental attitude can overcome all odds. It is a place of optimism indeed.  It has been recognised by the Chinese philosopher and traveler Huan Tsang. In 1575, the Mughal king Akbar visited Prayaga and proclaimed it as the city of God. From then on, it was known as Allahabad, the city of Allah.

Later in 1765, the battle of Buxar against the British occured. The British won against Nawabs and Mughals. A garrison was established, and the British returned in force in 1801 disguised as the East India Company. From 1801 to 1857, the city became the administrative capital of the state. A high court, university and cathedral were established.

During the Indian Mutiny in 1857, the city played a very different role by providing the thinkers, movers and shakers to reform the new nation. In this city, Queen Victoria proclaimed of the cessation of the East India Company’s operations and was announced to the people of India.

For this reason, the city owns its significance in India's history. The mixture of Hindu, British and Muslim culture are profoundly interesting. Unique sites and attractions should never be missed by any tourist who sets foot in the area.

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Take a boat ride to the 'Sangam', meaning confluence of rivers. Don not forget to bargain with the guide/rower over the price.
Be respectful to Nagas - naked sadhus or holy men. Whenever possible take their permission before clicking them.
You can buy cheap souvenires like metallic jewellery, chains & trinkets etc. at the river bank.