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World India Karnataka Mandya Somnathpura
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India Karnataka Somnathpura


Get to Somnathpur by bus from Mysore. There are frequent bus services from Mysore and from Bangalore too. It is 35 kilometers from Mysore.

The temple in Somnathpur was built by the eponymous army commander, Somnath. The reigning monarch at the time was Narasimha III. The temple is a Hoysala temple and the town was an important point during Hoysala rule.

The main activity in Somnathpur is of course viewing the famous temple. The biggest nearby point is Mysore and there are many attractions and activities there.

There is a small tea shop outside the temple. Simple snacks were available at the time of writing. As it is a small town, there is not much to buy in Somnathpurexcept souvenirs. Some of the souvenir sellers offer good mementos of Somnathpur.

There are many attractions in Mysore and nearby, and there isn’t space to mention them all in one article. The Mysore Palace and Mysore Zoo are examples of other attractions. There are other palaces too, the Cheluvamba Mansion Mysore is somewhat lesser visited.

While in Somnathpur don’t miss the Somnathpur Lions, or the interesting inscriptions and murals around the temple. Also remember that the temple is open only from 9:00AM to 5:30PM. Somnathpur is a good day trip from Mysore; there is not a great deal of accommodation in Somnathpur.

If driving, take care on the roads. Otherwise, take sensible precautions and agree a price beforehand if using a tout or a guide. 

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