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World India Tamil Nadu Salem Kalrayan Hills
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India Tamil Nadu Kalrayan Hills


Have you ever had the feeling of getting down from your vehicle and walking for hours at a stretch. It’s just going to be you and the place around you with nary a soul to disturb your solitude. Kalrayan Hills of the Eastern Ghats is just the sort of place you'd like to do that. The Pachaimalai, Javadi and Shevaroy Hills separating the Kaveri and Palar rivers are home to scrub and deciduous forests where you would actually want to lose yourself.

Kalrayan Hills extend over 1095 square Kilometer with an altitude ranging from 2k feet to 3k feet. The Northern Segment of the hills which has the altitude of 2700 is termed as “Chinna Kalrayan Hill”. The Southern part with the altitude of 4000 feet is called as “Periya Kalrayan Hill”. The 'sholas' or the evergreen forested areas of the plateau are home to peace and nature's bounty. This is where you enjoy some quality 'me' time. The Gomukhi dam, Megam Falls and Periyar falls at the foothills are the kind of places that give you the kind of feeling you get when you splash cold, flower scented water on your face on a hot summer's day. Isn't that just about the ultimate bliss? Adventure Lovers and Trekkers will sure like Kalrayan Hill.

The tribal communities make for wonderful observations. Large part of the hill range is still unexplored and untouched except for a few secluded tribal settlements. They say that the locals have a warrior descent. Well, I find that hard to believe because the place emanates peace. From splashing about in the local streams to hiking to your heart's content, this is also the sort of place where you'd want to camp with friends who share your love for travelling. Keep away your cell phones because this is where you come to escape from the humdrum affairs of the daily rat race; feel contentment and inner peace and live in union with God's creations.

Kallakurichi is the nearest city about 56 KMs from Kalrayan Hills while Salem is about 70 KMs.

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