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World India Tamil Nadu Tiruchirapalli Pachamalai Hills
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India Tamil Nadu Pachamalai Hills


Cornflower blue and Alexandrite green, that’s Pachamalai Hills. Blue are the never-ending infinite skies above and green are the hills. That's what the name also stands for. Whoever came up with the name must have been awestruck with the unearthly greenery of the place. One can totally understand that because visitors can completely relate to it. So green, so very very green! You know what the best thing is about Pachamalai. Pachaimalai Hills is verdant greenery hillock is located on the Eastern Ghats nearby Tirchy or Tiruchiraplli. It's the fact that the place is still not too explored. It’s relatively virgin and we know how hard-pressed one is to find places that are still more or less untouched. The place gives you a complete experience in the sense that it isn't just the eyes that are pleasured; the ears are also included in the fun given the beautifully lazy sounds of the rivers Sweata and Kallar besides the Koraiyar, Mangalam Aruvi and Mayil Uthu falls.

The Veera Ramar dam built across River Kallar is a must see. The water sprays on your face like you are faced with a thousand exotic sprinklers when you visit the water-wonder. The hills cover three districts, Tiruchirapalli, Salem and Perambalur and more than 11 towns including Thuraiyur and Arumbavur. Do go and hike in the jungles because the indigenous flora and fauna is going to make you resolve to return again and again.With all those birds, butterflies and exotic animals, you just can't help it. You must go for the butterflies if nothing else. There are just too many. You'll return more colorful we guarantee. Jack fruit is the major cultivation in the season time. Trekkers will be enthralled to be in this hill.

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