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World India Tamil Nadu Tiruchirapalli Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple
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India Tamil Nadu Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple


Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple or Tiruvarangam is first and foremost temple of 108 holy abode of Lord Vishnu. The temple is dedicated to Lord Ranganathar (Lord Vishnu in reclining posture). The temple praised by all Alwars in divine Tamil literature namely “Divya Prabandha”. Being located on an island surrounded by River Cauvery, the temple has most glorious and grandeur history and legend. Sprawling across 156 acres of land, this temple is the largest functioning Hindu temple in India. The main entrance is the “RajaGopuram” which is located on 5720 feet base. Tourists can see the Gopuram has nearly 11 small tiers with an altitude of 237 feet. Temple possess nearly 7 courtyards (Prakaram) each stretching up to 6 miles. There are plenty of shrines and sub shrines (nearly 50) inside the temple. Tourists can buy Pooja items, flowers garlands etc from many stalls situated within first two Prakaram.

         The main deity of Sri Ranganathar was amidst of thick Jungle. Later when Chola King chased a parrot accidentally found the statue and established the Dravidian Style architecture Temple in 9th century. The main shrine of Sanctum Sanctorum was sculpted as an “Om Symbol” with gold plated dome. Inside the shrine tourists can see Lord Ranganathar was reclining over Serpent King Adisesha. Goddess Ranganayaki sits near the foot of Lord Ranganathar on the bed of serpent coil bed. The architecture and sculptures of 1000 pillared hall is an amazing sight to glance. One can see huge footfall of devotees during the Vaikunta Ekadesi Festival conducted in the month of Margazhi (December – January).

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