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World Nepal Bagmati Patan Pharping
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Bagmati Pharping


Pharping is a small town located around 19 km south of Kathmandu and is a very sacred and well known place majorly because of the Dakshin Kali temple situated in the valley near Pharping. This town is also associated with with the sacred site of Yangleshö where Guru Padmasambhava gained enlightenment. This place is thus as sacred as Bodh Gaya for the Vajrayana practitioners. The Vajrayogini temple and the Meditation Caves are believed to have Vishnu’s footprints in front of the cave and a self-arising Tara above the temple complex.

Pharping has two major practise caves- the Asura cave and Yangleshö Cave. These caves are overseen by Tibetan monks and have been remodelled over the decades. The entrance to these caves is made up of wooden frames having prayer flags and the rock sides have Tibetan images etched on it. The caves also have been remodelled to have lights, a marble countertop for worshipping and even a donation box.
An interesting thing about Pharping is that it is related to Sankhu. It is surmised that the eternal flame that burns at Sabkhu site need a spark from the Pharping’s site to keep it burning. Pharping has several monasteries, temples and retreat centres. The Thatar Rinpoche monastery is the oldest Tibetan monastery and a religious site for Vaishnavites.

Pharping is said to be the place where great things have happened in the past (though it may not be apparent now!). These great things have benefitted all mankind and this spirit of greatness can be felt from its hills.

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