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World Sri Lanka Sabaragamuwa Province Tangalle Sinharaja Forest Reserve
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Sabaragamuwa Province Sinharaja Forest Reserve


Being the last undisturbed rainforest area in Sri Lanka, the Sinharaja Forest Reserve is the rich treasure trove of the world, housing number of endemic species and diversity of habitats. This forest occupies a broad ridge in the area’s wet zone. On most of the days this area is covered by copious rainclouds which balances the water resources for much of Sri Lanka.

This reserve was once a royal reserve and in some colonial records it is referred to as Rajasinghe Forest. There are 22 villages around the forest, and the local people are permitted to enter the rainforest to collect dead wood and leaves for fuel and other uses. They are also allowed to collect medicinal plants during certain seasons.

The Sinharaja has a wide variety of flora. The place consists of rare canopy trees and more than 65% of the 217 types of trees endemic to Sri Lanka’s rainforests are found here. The largest carnivore found here is the leopard which is rarely spotted. Rusty spotted cats and fishing cats are even rarer. Other species found here are Sambar, barking deer, wild boar, porcupines and pangolins.

The best way to reach here is by foot. Lead your way along the slippery trails and discover the wealth of stunning plant, bird and animal life!

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