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World Sri Lanka North Central Province Vavuniya Isinbassagala
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North Central Province Isinbassagala


Isin Bassa Gala or Isinbassagala is an unknown place to the tourists but this off beat place can be as surprising as any other famous tourist spot. The Stupa and the temple are set in a perfect location and it offers a 360 degree view of the landscapes. Located at a distance of nearly 2 kilometres from the town of Medawachchiya, along the A9 highway, a Stupa perched on a hill can be seen.

The temple here was built by King Devanampiyatissa right after the doctrine of Buddhism was taken birth in the country. The Stupa and the temple are the  reconstructions of the original done in 20th century. A Naga Gala or a cobra carved stone and foot prints of Lord Buddha were found in the excavations. This site preserves the deities of two different times of the land. Nagas were worshipped before the advent of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Along with these, a Bodhi tree and large statues of the king and Buddha are installed here.

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