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Mushrif Park is located on the Al Khawaneej Road, Midrif, on the way to the airport. It is a family destination spot with many facilities to offer. The park, apart from being most preferred picnic spot, is also home to a large number of birds. Around 102 species of birds are found here. Some of its famous residents are Arabian Babblers, yellow throated sparrows and the Pallid scops Owl can be spotted after dark throughout the year. The park was built in 1980 and before that the area was covered with thick forest which is why acres of woodland can be seen. The park has robes of greenery as well as rock lands.

A remarkable feature of this park is the presentation of miniatures of houses and buildings of Arabian and foreign lands reflecting the architectures of these regions. Examples of Dutch house and Red Indian house catch everyone’s attention. You can also enjoy pony and Camel rides here and ride to a small zoo like enclosure which is goats' place. The park has flower beds, fountains, train rides, lakes, merry-go-round, swimming pool and barbecues and other children’s games. Bicycles can be rented and extensive tracks are laid down for joggers and cyclers. All in all, this park has everything typical of Dubai city and your visit will be an enjoyable one. 

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