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7 Reasons why Andaman Islands is the Best Honeymoon Destination in India


Andaman is the personification of serene beauty, with its white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and tropical forests. The Andaman Islands make for an optimum honeymoon destination in India, not so different from any foreign land. There’s no other place in India which you can compromise with Andamans. Plan your trip according to your need. Whatever your need be Andamns can provide it These Islands will give you the perfect start before you start a new life. Just go through this guide and save yourself from many doubts, queries and agonies which were poking your heart.


1) Andaman Island Honeymoon Experience


Most newlyweds prefer to go to destinations with fewer people and splendid attractions. What makes a honeymoon extra appealing is a romantic weather, a captivating view and a destination that provides the luxury of a quality time together. Andamans being a group of island serve just the purpose. It is not a part of the mainland and has a limited population, a perfect tourist spot to enjoy with loved ones. The picturesque beauty and enthralling views can be compared to that of Eden. The island offers various other adventure activities and attractions which is a perfect excuse for partners to bond over.


2) Andaman Islands Offers Tons of Activities

why Andaman Island is the Best Honeymoon Destination in India - Couple Activities

Andamans is known for its unbeatable number of spectacular beaches, each different from the other. These beaches are a treat for the senses. They serve as an optimum spot to relax under the sun or a casual swim in the crystal clear waters. The beaches are famous surfing, scuba diving and Jet skiing. These spots allow the couples to bond and spend some quality time together. A long walk on the beach at sunset, there isn’t a better way to get to know your partner. Elephant beach, Havelock Island, Ross and Smith, Jolly Bouy beach are highlights of the island. These beaches are among the most visited and famous islands in the city. They offer adventure sports like snorkeling, scuba diving and sea walking.

From Port Blair there many day tours avaiable like visit to Limestone caves and Mangroves of Baratang Island and serene Jolly Buoy Island. Couples can experience an amazing sunset at Chidiya Tapu and go on a short easy trek to Munda Pahad beach. Visit to Mount Harriet National Park is another great option.

The government has taken commendable efforts to preserve the live corals. The corals in the seas surrounding the Andaman Islands are among the world’s finest, with their vibrant colours and stunning beauty.


3) Andaman’s Beach Resorts

Andaman Island is the Best Honeymoon Destination in India - Havelock Beach Resorts

Most beaches offer various beach side restaurants and resorts which serve as a relaxation spot. They serve a variety of seafood and other cuisines which couples can enjoy a beachside candlelit dinner. These resorts offer a plethora of other services at low costs. A beachside resort overlooking the tidal waves of the Andaman Sea will allow a couple to make the best of their honeymoon. Most resorts have smaller cottages which are spread across the beaches or nestled in the hills among the green forests which are both perfect spots to spend a lazy day in.

What is a romantic dinner without a perfect sunset and a pretty weather? A beach-side dinner overlooking the pink and red hues of a sunset, accompanied by a soft breezy weather beats any rooftop restaurant. Andaman is a host to a perfectly poetic weather throughout the year, except a few months of the monsoon season. It is also home to secret hikes amidst the lush green forests, taking you to pretty beaches. Cruises are definitely perfect for edgy but fun dates. Andaman is a heaven for water sports enthusiasts. For them, the beaches provide special beach sports for couples. Now who doesn’t want to ride off in the sunset together in a jet ski?

A perfect honeymoon demands a perfect resort and Andaman is known for its elegant yet quirky resorts. Resorts by the beaches and amidst the forests attract the most honeymoon crowd. The resorts provide all the facilities to their customers ranging from a beach side restaurant to rooftop bars.

 Along with these pristine beaches Andaman offers various other attractions such as active mud volcanoes, mangrove forests and treks through the evergreen forests. These activities give the newly married couples some quality time to bond over. Couples can walk on the wooden bridges which pass through the mangrove swamps while enjoying the view and the company. Andaman is situated in the lap of Mother Nature. It offers a refreshing stay, where days pass in bliss.

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4) Andaman Honeymoon – Short or Long

why Andaman Island is the Best Honeymoon Destination in India - Long Honeymoon

All the islands in and around Andaman are accessible through small ferry rides and thus lets a couple enjoy their week exploring every bit of adventure Andaman can provide. Havelock Island, Ross Island, North bay, Viper Island, Niel Island, Baratang Island, Long Island, Volcanoes of Barren Island, Rangat, Diglipur Island all these Islands are well connected with Govt and private Ferry services. You can Visit any one of them as your wish and needs go. IF you are up to some water sports then Niel and Havelock Island are the best and historical sites are your area of interests then Viper Island and the Port Blair will be your best choice. Almost all the Andaman Islands are accessible for tourists but entry to Nicobar Islands is completely of the limits. Nobody is allowed to visit these Islands because it might disturb the life of the tribes living in these areas. Every Island in Andaman will have something up in its sleeve to surprise and please you.


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5) Direct Flight to Port Blair from Most Metros

why Andaman Island is the Best Honeymoon Destination in India - Direct Flights

Moreover, the romantic getaway can be accessed by all major city airports of India, especially the ones connected by metro. You will get connecting flights which will reach Chennai and then to Andamans. Since Chennai is a major metropolitan city, you will get domestic and international flights directly to Chennai.

If you are from the northern part of India then there will be connecting flights which reach Kolkata and then to Port Blair. Just like Chennai you will get flights to Kolkata easily. There are flights from Bhubaneswar too.

If you want to take a cruise to Andamans then there are 4 ships every month leaving to Andamans from Chennai, Vizag and Kolkata.


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6) Great Weather for Most Part of the Year

why Andaman Island is the Best Honeymoon Destination in India - Weather

The best time to visit Andamans is from mod Nov to April. Except in monsoon, Andaman doesn’t host extreme climate. During this time there will be thunderstorms and high winds. Just like every other places with tropical climate temperature in Andamans will also spike a few degrees during the summer. If you want to put on some tan then summer will treat you well otherwise November to Aprill is the best time, temperature is moderate and it will stay true to it for most of the times.


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7) Andaman Honeymoon Fits Every Budget

why Andaman Island is the Best Honeymoon Destination in India - Budget Honeymoon

The trip is also budgeting friendly and doesn’t burn a hole in your pockets while you live one of the most memorable days of your lives. You can savour toothsome local cuisine for a fir amount of money and there are several home stays which will provide descent service and facilities for a reasonable price. Since Andamans is tourist hotspot its prawn to tricksters. Make sure are perfectly planned and your provider is trustworthy.

The Andaman Islands are heaven on earth. The exotic beauty of the island will leave the newly married mesmerized and leave them with some lasting memories. They are a whole package and nothing less than international destinations. So, head out to the inviting island and kick start your married bliss with a dash of an unforgettable romantic experience.

Best Time For a Honeymoon in The Andaman Islands

Port Blair Honeymoon - Best time to Visit

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a year round destination with temperature ranges pretty consistent through out. However during the monsoons high tides, frequent rains and strong winds would be there. The best time to visit the islands is from November through to March when the weather is nicer and the oceans are calmer.


Indian Visa for Andaman Islands

Andaman Island Honeymoon Guide India Destination - Visa

Indian Nationals just need to carry a valid government issues ID proof as some areas of Andaman & Nicobar require travellers to get a Restricted Area Permits even for Indians. Travel agents can help you with these permits and any honeymoon package would have this included already.

For International travelers without Indian passports, a valid Indian visa is a requirement. This visa must not be stamped with “Entry to restricted areas NOT permitted”.


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